Tarot Class Course Layout
Tarot Class Course Layout
Your Course Layout For Each Class
Online Tarot Class
Tarot classes and coaching can be an essential part of
learning the tarot.

Tarot is a window through which you can learn to see your
future. It's a mirror that deeply and accurately reflects your
sub-conscious and tap into your feelings, thoughts, dreams
and aspirations. It's a compass that can help guide you
through the landscape of your life. The more you understand
the cards, the richer your world becomes.

The more you know about yourself, the more powerful a
reader you become and the more help you can be to others if
you wish to follow this path. An education in tarot is a
continuous education in practical, powerful self-knowledge.

If you wish to learn the tarot,

ALL classes are secured and private. Private 60 min classes
are LIVE in real-time. Non-Private is email only.

During the classes, you'll have tarot assignments and quizzes
to do. They have to be turn into Valeen a day
before your
LIVE class day or emailed. The Private Live class/discussions
are to go over your assignments and what issues you may
have plus lets Valeen know how well you're doing and where
your weakness(es) are so you may improve upon it/them.

All tarot classes are Monday or Thursday. You choose what
day. Any questions on the course or the above
contact Valeen.

Private one-on-one tarot classes are available.
Click Here to
order the private classes.

Certificate ONLY: One needs to take Lessons 27 and 28
to get Lesson 29.
Apply Here for your certificate.
Beginners Course -  This course is FREE! a  24.95 value - FREE - Register by clicking link
Lesson/Week   1 -   Lesson Overview
Lesson/Week   2 -   Introduction to the Tarot and How to Charge New Cards
Lesson/Week   3 -   The Major Arcana --- Fool's Journey
Lesson/Week   4 -   The Minor Arcana --- Learning the Basics

Intermediate Course
Lesson/Week   5 -   Lesson Overview
Lesson/Week   6 -   The Daily Reading
Lesson/Week   7 -   The Spread(s)
Lesson/Week   8 -   Minor Arcana's - Wands
Lesson/Week   9 -   Proper Procedure for doing Readings on Self
Lesson/Week 10 -   Minor Arcana's - Cups
Lesson/Week 11 -   Tarot Set-Up, Do's and Dont's and Tarot Layout

Advanced Course
Lesson/Week 12 -   Lesson Overview
Lesson/Week 13 -   Aces
Lesson/Week 14 -   Reading Preparations
Lesson/Week 15 -   Minor Arcana - Swords
Lesson/Week 16 -   Court Cards - Wands and Cups
Lesson/Week 17 -   Minor Arcana - Pentacles
Lesson/Week 18 -   Learning to do a Celtic Cross Spread**

Professional Course
Lesson/Week 19 -  Lesson Overview
Lesson/Week 20 -  Court Cards - Swords and Pentacles
Lesson/Week 21 -  Element Combinations
Lesson/Week 22 -  Repeating Numbers, Tarot Cards and Combinations
Lesson/Week 23 -  Major Arcana Meanings
Lesson/Week 24 -  Time Frame - Season - Date - Day of Week
Lesson/Week 25 -  Practice Relationship Spread**
Lesson/Week 26 - Preparing for Course Finale
Lesson/Week 27 - 100 Question Test
Lesson/Week 28 -  Doing Reading LIVE for Valeen (must pass # 27 first)
Lesson/Week 29 - Certified Tarot Consultant Certification (if passed #27 and # 28)

Actual Practice Readings
Spread Choice - Celtic Spread**
---Utilizing what you've learned from Lesson 5-21
Spread Choice - Relationship Spread**
---Utilizing what you've learned from Lesson 22-28 or from Lessons 5-27
There are ONLY 3 non-private & 3 private openings available
ENROLL NOW to guarantee and reserve your spot. Classes fill up fast.
Additional Info...
---Assignments begin from Lesson 5-28. Total exercises on each course can range
from 1-6. These assist  you in learning the Tarot.  

---Test are MT's way of seeing how you're doing on your lessons and see where your
strength and weaknesses lie. By taking these test and quizzes MT can assist you in
areas where you need more assistance on certain lessons. These test/quizzes are not
graded, so no need to worry or stress. It's only to see how you're doing in the course.

---At the end of 'each lesson' is a quiz
---At the end of 'each course' is a test

Now that you see what the course offers why not
try it today! I believe you'll find learning
the Tarot interesting and perhaps the tool you have been looking for to develop your
unrealized potential.
This is a non-credit course, and is provided for your personal enrichment.
This course is not intended to be a substitute for any state, government, licensing, certification or educational requirements.

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