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variety of spreads that cover all sorts of questions and purposes: like; simple, complex and more.
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This is about a person thoughts, as what are they
thinking about. This is done in cartomancy style.
Designed and created by Valeen in 2012
(ten cards)
complexity: medium
super easy after taking the class
One of the best YES/NO reading on the WWW.
Designed and created by Valeen in 2013
(four cards)
complexity: medium
Remove the stones to get a numerology reading.
Stones determine the numbers based on if you win.
Designs by Valeen
(number of stones varies)
complexity: easy
Click the card to get a tarot reading. There are 13
spreads to choose from.

Designed and Created by Valeen in 2010
(cards used are Rider-Waite)
complexity: easy
All readings are for entertainment purposes only.

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Free Online Readings
Free Online Readings
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What are they thinking?
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Ancient Game of YANGBE
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