Moon Chakra
Moon Chakra
a :
Solar Plexus Chakra: Manipura
(New Moon)
March 2018 Moon Chakra Days to Meditate, Connect or Heal a specific Chakra.
To harmonize this Chakra use the following
colors and stone(s)
(New Moon)

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MT is the only site on the WWW who offers this forecast. There are many sites that
speak about it but none that offers a moon chakra forecast to assist you in
developing your third-eye chakra plus, help keep all your chakra balanced, clear
and open on a daily basis. By 'tracking' the moon's location, it can help you
develop not just the third-eye chakra but all the others as well.

The Moon rules the 6th chakra…the third-eye or ajna chakra
Moon’s Archetypal Essence: intuition, psychic abilities & self-reflection.

A clear, balanced 6th chakra helps access your subconscious which inspires and
feeds your creativity plus enhances your essences above.

As the 6th chakra clears…your 6th sense deepens and so does your intuition.
Many of those who have a clear/open 6th chakra have reported seeing visions
(future events and some past life).

Developing this also helps deepen your connection with the tarot to give accurate
readings to self and others.

Doing this really works, follow the mediations and do this regularly and see for
Only do the specific chakra on the day listed below. Example: If healing the crown chakra and the full moon is on the 2nd then you mediate on the 2nd ONLY
and make sure it's not on a void-of-course day. See
moon forecast for void of course days or V/C.
Crown Chakra:  Sahasrara
Day 1        Full Moon  
Day 2     
Day 3          
Day 4           
Third - Eye Chakra: Ajna
Day 5       
Day 6        
Day 7         
Day 8          
Throat Chakra: Vishuddha
Day 9           Last Quarter
Day 10       
Day 11        
Day 12      
Heart Chakra: Anahata
Day 13       
Day 14         
Day 15          
Day 16  
Day 17        
New Moon
Day 18      
Day 19        
Day 20       
Sacrum Chakra: Swadhisthanna
Day 21          
Day 22  
Day 23       
Day 24      First Quarter
Root Chakra: Muladhara
Day 25
Day 26  
Day 27
Day 28  
Day 29
Day 30
Day 31          
Full Moon

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