White Candles: Linked to the Moon, element of Water, and Cancer

Associated with: Purity, Spirituality, Truth and peace.

Use in spells for healing, protection, purification, undoing curses and hexes cast against you,
banishing anger, spiritual strength and meditation. In healing, white is useful for broken bones
and skeletal disorders, dental problems and pain. Combining white with other colours raises the
vibrations of the spell. Attracts feminine energies. In healing, helps increase harmony. Add to
any spell that needs healing fast. Can be a great add on to a spa spell.

White are used for Zen spells.

Yellow Candles: Linked to Sun, element of Fire, and Leo.

Associated with Intellectualism, imagination, memory and creativity.

Use in spells to improve your memory; for eloquence, stimulating the intellect and the
imagination, improving communication with others; encourages mental abilities. Burn while
studying to help you understand and retain the information more effectively. Can also help
concentration during divination and may bring unexpected insights. Aids in breaking mental and
emotional blocks. In healing, treats skin disorders and stomach complaints, as well as PMS and
menstrual pain.

Represents 3rd Chakra.

Yellow are used for Zen spells.

Cream Candles: Linked to Sun/Solar; Moon/Lunar, Element of Water, and Scorpio

Associated with Meditation, clearing mind/thoughts, cleansing.

Used in spells for concentration, purification, and cleansing. This color can help one deal with
change, adapting, and meditation. Help bring about new beginnings. In healing, it can help
alleviate low energy, fatigue, mental strain, and sluggish thinking. It's a combination of white
and yellow so does have the energy of both these colors.

Orange Candles: Linked to Sun, element of Fire, and Leo

Associated with Ambition, career matters and the law.

Used in spells to achieve business and personal goals; success in legal matters, property deals
and other professional transactions. Stimulates physical and spiritual energies; encourages
adaptability in changing situations. Aids in promoting healthy discourse, constructive
arguments, persuasiveness. In healing, used for coughs, asthma, lung disorders, arthritis and

Represents 2nd Chakra.

Red Candles: Linked to Mars, element of Fire, and Aries.

Associated with energy, strength, power, courage, lust and sexual potency.

Use in spells for attracting love and lust, increasing passion in a relationship, fertility, beauty
spells; Encourages strength, vigour, assertiveness, enthusiasm. Blasts you out of a rut;
conquers fear and laziness. Energizes spells where a power boost is required for immediate
action. In healing, used to overcome viruses such as the flu, colds and pneumonia. Helps with
depression, and reproductive system.

Represents 1st Chakra.

NOTE: Use this color with caution, as the effects can be unpredictable. For love, lust or sexual
potency this spell could bring the opposite you're looking for.  Red can promote anger so
beware of this color unless you know how to balance or neutralize it.

Pink Candles: Linked to Venus, element Water, and Cancer.

Associated with Love, friendship, caring, affection and romance. Represents the female or

Used in spells for new relationships, upcoming date, emotions from the heart, brings soul mate,
devotion, love, tenderness and faith, friendship, romance, honor, emotional healing, Universal
love, love that is unconditional, spiritual love without sex connotation, raises vibrations,
sensitivity. In healing, relieves grief and sadness. Restores youthfulness, a broken heart, and
helps with emotional healing.

Purple/Violet Candles: Linked to Saturn, element of Earth, and Capricorn.

Associated with higher psychic ability, awareness, spiritual and idealism, healing, tranquility,

This can be used with divination, dreams to reveal hidden knowledge and past lives. Promotes
independence and self-esteem. In healing, treats allergies and sleep disorders, melancholy
and alcohol addiction.

Represents 7th Chakra.

Blue or Royal Blue Candles: Linked to Mercury, element of Air, and Aquarius.

Associated with mental clarity, communication, inspiration, wisdom, meditation, peace, harmony,
and devotion.

Use in spells to determine the truth in a situation, gain wisdom and deeper insight, patience,
tranquillity, inspire creativity, calm fears, balance conflicting energies. Encourages written and
oral skills; inspires poetic thought. Very useful for meditation; clear the mind and induces a
state of introspection. Promotes harmony in the home and between quarrelling couples.
Attracts friendship and loyalty. In healing, used for dementia and mental disorders, insomnia,
high blood pressure, stress-related illnesses and minor injuries.

Light Blues are used for Zen spells.

Represents 5th Chakra.

Green or Sage Candles: Linked to Jupiter, element of Air, and Libra.

Associated with Prosperity, Fertility, abundance, good luck and harmony.

Used in spells for prosperity and money, abundance, good luck, and to counter greed and
jealousy. Rejuvenates mind, body and spirit. Attracts prosperity and success in financial
matters, but negativity may rebound upon the caster if they get too greedy. Promotes good
fortune and abundant harvests; protects against poverty and famine. In healing, used to treat
headache and nervousness.

Represents 4th Chakra.

Green or Sage colors are used for Zen spells.

Brown: Linked to Jupiter, element of Earth, and Capricorn and Virgo

Associated with Earth Magic, Stability, Grounding, Contacting Animal Guides, Protecting Animals

Use in spells to help locate lost objects, attract friendships, protect pets and familiars, animal
magic. Encourages telepathy, deeper understanding of animal spirits and earth elementals;
improves concentration during meditation. Good for grounding and centring. In healing, used
for intestinal/digestion disorders.

Silver/Grey: Associated with the Moon, element of Water, and Cancer and Pisces

Clairvoyance, inspiration, astral energy and intuition

Use in spells to neutralize negativity in the physical world (clear auric fields and remove
undesirable influences); also to neutralize the effects of a spell you have cast. Encourages
stability and neutrality. Temporarily induces a state of non-change in circumstances that are
overwhelming; however, it can get you into a rut if used too often or improperly. Attracts Divine
energies. In healing, hormonal imbalances, emotional stability, remove or neutralize negativity.

Represents 6th Chakra.

NOTE: One of the primary color to make grey is black. If possible, try to avoid using this color
candle unless it's truly necessary. For more about black candles see below. USE WITH

Gold: Associated the Sun, element of Fire, and Leo

Use in spells and rituals for confidence, business or personal career success; to attract fast
luck and quick changes to situations that are in a rut. The colour is appropriate for any solar
deity. Attracts masculine energies and higher cosmic influences. In healing, gold is useful for
dealing with lethargy, overcome bad habits, self-doubt; emotional rather than physical wounds.

Magenta: Associated the Mars, element of Fire, and Sagittarius

Combination of red and violet that oscillates on a high frequency. It energizes spells where
quick action and high levels of power are needed. Fast changes when spiritual healing are
required. Absorbs negative energy. Letting go of the past. Stimulates adrenaline and heart
activity. In healing,  trauma or migraines. Increases energy and activity when one is down or
needs a boost.

Indigo: Associated the Mars, element of Fire, and Sagittarius

Associated with increasing psychic ability, clearing subconscious to channel intuition. Balancing
state of mind. Help open Third eyed. In healing, helps sooth and calm one nerves and help
relaxes one mind.

Great for spa spell.

Represents 6th Chakra.

Black Candles:

If you do and it reverses or cause bad luck, Valeen can help correct it, that's if the spell was
placed on you and not another. Also if it wasn't mixed with any other spell. See "
Please Read" for more detail. There will be a small fee to correct it. Fees vary depending on
the spell used. Fees will not exceed $45USD.
Contact Valeen if you wish to correct a reverse
cosmic magic spell.
Cream Candles
Candle Colors...
Candle Colors...
Candle Colors...
Candle Colors and what the candle represent, attract and much more. If you're doing a candle
spell on yourself, choose which color(s) suits your spell needs.
Love Spell

This is to bring love and super
charge the spell (cranberries) and
white candle attract feminine energy
and release it in the air.
HINT: The chakra candles are used for
cleansing our bodies and providing a
holistic effect.

One can also add this one to your spa
spell recipes or to target a specific
TIPS: If one can make their own
floaters the spell will work faster and
provide more positive energies.
White Candles
If  you did a CMS and things are negative,
having bad luck, feeling sick or the spell
Contact Valeen she can help you
correct it but will be a small fee. [fees will not
exceed 45 USD.]
IMPORTANT: These spells should NEVER be
used in any wiccan or occult spells...
Please read
WARNING!  before contacting
Valeen on the above

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