Have Valeen design a custom CM spell for you                           Fee:  5.95 USD

Looking for a CM spell that meets your needs? Having trouble making your own? Can't
find  one listed in the Library or in the CM Recipe Book that will do what you need?

Valeen can help design a specific CM Recipe to suit your spell need. Your spell can cover
any topic you choose but must meet  Valeen's "
Code of Ethics or CoE" first before she'll
design your spell.

If you're unsure if your request will meet the "CoE", OR have a question about it feel free
Contact Valeen first before ordering your CM Recipe.

Just as a precaution, Valeen has the right to decline any topic on any spell, if she so
chooses. A reason why shall be given plus she'll offer a solution or suggestion as well.

Your CM Recipe can be printed and placed in your recipe holder or stored on your
computer. The spell recipe is the size of an index card slightly larger

3 x 5 inches
76.2mm by 127.0 mm
7.62 cm x 12.7 cm

For those who prefer to put their ''CM recipe'' on a ''scrapbook'' recipe they made, feel
free to do so, however, Valeen and MT own the rights to the ''CM recipe'' ONLY and it can
not be sold or given out without written consent. See
Copyright Disclaimer

Your CM Recipe will come in PDF form. A up-to-date adobe reader is required to use it.
See this page to get the current update. (Adobe Reader is FREE.)

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