Now you know how to perform cosmic magic, you need to
know what day to perform your ritual. Below are the days
and what each day represents, this is helpful in doing your

SUNDAY: (ruled by the sun)this day you can perform spells  
involving healing and prosperity.

MONDAY: (ruled by the moon) is the proper day of the week
to perform spells involving purification, protection, peace,
female fertility, messages, reconciliation and voyages.

TUESDAY: (ruled by mars) is the proper day of the week to
perform spells involving courage, energy, fast action,
physical strength, stimulation, banishing negativity,  military
honor and the breaking of negative spells.

WEDNESDAY: (ruled by mercury) is the proper day of the
week to perform spells involving communication, divination,
writing, knowledge, wisdom, study and business transactions.

THURSDAY: (ruled by Jupiter) is the proper day of the week
to perform spells involving luck, money, happiness, health,
legal matters, male fertility, healing animals and agriculture.

FRIDAY: (ruled by Venus) is the proper day of the week to
perform spells involving love, dating, finding love, soul mate,
romance, beauty, sex, marriage, friendships and

SATURDAY: (ruled by Saturn) is the proper day of the week
to perform spells involving meditation, psychic attack or
defense, locating lost things or missing persons and change.
New Moon (begins on the day of the
new moon to three and a half days
after). Use the energy of the new moon
for new ventures and new beginnings.
Also use the new moon for  job hunting
and healing.

A Waxing Moon (seven to fourteen
days after the new moon) is the proper
time to perform positive spells such as
love, dating, money, fertility,  success,
courage, friendship, luck or good health
and so on.

A Full Moon Any spell that requires
extra energy, such as finding a new job,
money, new love or love in general or
healing serious conditions. These are
best begun during the full moon.

A Waning Moon (three and a half to ten
and a half days after the full moon) is the
proper time to perform spells that
remove curses, hexes, and jinxes,
reverse love spells, banish negativity,
break bad habits, cure addictions and
decrease fevers, pains and sickness.

Check out the
Moon Forecast for the
current moon phase.
More Cosmic  Magic...  
More Cosmic  Magic...
Best Day to Cast...
Best Time to Cast...
Best Time to Cast...
Best Day to Cast...
A "rule of thumb" to remember regarding
moon phases is if your working is tailored
towards receiving or gaining something,
perform your spell during a waxing or full
moon - if you wish to rid yourself of
something, perform your spell during the
waning moon - for new beginnings, the
new moon phase is best.
To check planet
location and current
moon phase
click the
Forecast link below.

To check for CM days
and Void-of-Course
days click
Forecast below.
This Image can provide the necessary info for doing CM Spells

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Moon Void-of-Course no cosmic magic spells should ever
be done on these days. Void of Course can reverse the spell,
for ex. if you do a CMS for getting better you may get worse.  
So avoid V/C
Planet Retrograde no cosmic magic spells should ever be
done on these days. For retrograde means backward motion
or direction. So your spell may never manifest or manifest a
past issue, for ex. if you do a CMS for peace in a relationship
your CMS may never manifest at all or manifest a past issue
and make things worse.
If you did any other spell other that a
CMS OR you did a CMS's and things are
negative, having bad luck, feeling sick
and so on.
click here.
Cosmic Magic can be used during the quarter of the
Moon. The Moon takes about 29.5 days to complete
its full cycle from New Moon to New Moon. The cycle
has four quarters, each about a week long.

The first quarter runs from the New Moon to midway
between New and Full; the second quarter runs from
that midway point until the Full Moon; the third quarter
runs from the Full Moon to the midway point between
Full and New; and the fourth quarter runs from the
midway point back to the New Moon. During the first
and second quarters, the Moon is "waxing," or, in
simple terms, getting bigger as seen from the earth.
During the third and fourth quarters, the Moon is
waning, or getting smaller.

It's pretty simple to put this information to good use. If
you are working CM to increase something or draw it
to you, do it during the first or second quarter. As the
Moon waxes, so will your CM.
CM to decrease or banish should be done during the
third or fourth quarters, and whatever you're trying to
get rid of should shrink with the Moon in waning

Generally, we start projects at the New Moon and try
to bring them to culmination at the Full Moon. The
dark days just before the New Moon -- the last day or
two of the fourth quarter -- are great for incubating
new ideas for spells.
Storms and Rain no cosmic magic spells should ever be
done on days of storms and rain. For storms are electrically
charged and can absorb your spell energy then send it back
to the earth (lightning).  
Although there maybe no thunderstorm with a rain shower,
the clouds are still charged with static electricity which too can
'zap' your spell.
Times to AVOID...
KEY - CMS - Cosmic Magic
Spell V/C - Void-of -Course
Times to AVOID..
Inbetween - The Quarters
Inbetween - The Quarters
IMPORTANT: These spells
should NEVER be used in
any wiccan or occult spells...
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