TIP: Any floating candles will do as long as it's one
solid color. See Step 1 for more details.

Dual or multi-colors are complexed spells and should
NEVER be casted, unless one know how.
To learn how order
the CM In-Depth Class
Cosmic Magic
Cosmic Magic
How does Cosmic Magic spells work?

As a candle burns it releases it's wax, it's color and
it's energy into the atmosphere. What ever has been
connected with the candle as in the form of
embedded energy or written on the candle will
transmigrate to a plane (cosmic universe) where it
can do what it was intended to do. These candle
have to be charged in order to do it's purpose.
There is 4 steps to take before doing a Cosmic
Magic spell. These steps help release the spell
'energy' in order for the spell to transmigrate or
manifest. Once the spell has been released the
cosmic universe takes over. Remember spells
cannot be rushed. The cosmic universe does things
in it's own time.

Created by Valeen, it's one of the simplest forms of candle spells burning there is.
Not only is it beautiful to look at, they work as well. The items required can be
purchased in many shops or retail stores. CM can be practiced in the comfort of
your home. These spells not only work but they're fun to do. They do require
some planning ahead  though to preform.

Using Cosmic Magic has it's advantages and benefits.
  • Increased self -confidence
  • Maintain sharp focus
  • Attract good and positive things in your life
  • Generate good feelings
  • and more...

To learn about Cosmic Magic see below.

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See MT Rules & Reg - Section 2: 1 - 4 and Code of Ethics #1, #7, #14, #11
This floater is a ''multi-color'' and is a
NOT RECOMMENDED unless you've
taken CM In-Depth Class first. ---->
<----- OK to use.
<----- OK to use.

STEP 1 - Choose a candle color:

The size and shape of the candles you use is unimportant, in fact the simpler the better. What is important is the color of the candle you use. Color depends on what spell you use. Dual or multi-colors candles should NEVER be used unless one learns how to do them correctly.

You can learn how to use dual or multi-colors candles by ordering the CM In-Depth class.

All candles should be unscented. There are many places that offer scent-free candles. If you cannot find any, Valeen can make them for you. (round or tea light floaters only - see CM Shopping to order candles supplies) If you use scented, the candle scent may not work with the spell and therefore can ruin the spell before it starts. Not to say one can't use scented floaters BUT only use scented if one knows what scents to use, on which color and spell. Use scented candle at your own risk. Solid colors are best but do keep in mind, *some colors are mixed to make another.*

Example, pink.

*Pink is a 'mixed' color. It takes red and white to make pink. Therefore pink not only has it's a own energy it has that of white and red too.* If you're not sure what colors make what. Google ''color wheel''.

You also can use ''solid'' color floral, like floating roses and so on. They will still work as long as they are solid color. (see images below for candles)The candles for CM should be new and unused. Candle's which have already been used on previous spells are just that "USED" and should be disposed of.

STEP 2 - Preparing for the spell

Cosmic Magic energy is kinda of like electricity without the shock. You're using three different types of  'energies' to manifest the spell. Your's, Earth and the Cosmic Universe. So it's vital to GROUND yourself and the spell before you start. How one grounds themselves is by placing the palms of your hands on the ground (outside, very important) so any energy left can flow back to mother earth. By grounding yourself you discharge all the negative energy as well as the remaining energy you don't use for the spell.

Failure to do so could cause a headache, extreme restless feeling and/or stomach ache or indigestion. Do not perform candle magic in a room with carpet. The 'static' energy can 'zap' the spell and may cause a negative reaction on the spell. A few of the best places to do these spells are on a wood (any type), tile or granite counter top. Best floors to do spells are on wood (any type), tile, marble, linoleum and natural stone. These counter top will help keep you grounded once you have released the energy to mother earth or outside.

For extra protection! Wear shoes that have "rubber" soles. This will help you stay grounded after you release the energy outside.

TIP: All or most material, the candle sits upon, is porous and can absorb the energy from the candle spell. To solve this matter is to use a 'mirror'. The mirror reflects the energy back into the air. (round is best) You can choose a glass, a bowl or a 1 or 3 tier taper floater. Crystal glass is best to use but you may use any 'clear' bowl except plastic. You'll need to add 'RAIN', water to the glass or bowl. Leave about 2" inches from the rim.

Add your fresh flowers, cranberries, strawberries and so on. Then add 1 to 3 floaters. The smaller the better. One can mix different colors in a spell if one knows which ones to use. You can do multiple spells(3) but only on the same day using the same color(s).  When adding flowers and other ingredients, they should be fresh. Spring or well water can be substituted for rain but rain is BEST to use. Never use city or pool water on a spell.

STEP 3 - Preparing for the Spell

So let's begin preparing for the spell. You'll need to state the purpose of the spell. This can be done in two ways:

1- verbally by repeating an affirmation or desire
2- by writing the spell purpose on a piece of 'virgin paper' (2" x 2" square, or 2.54 x 2.54 cm square or 50.8 x 50.8 mm square)
3- or written it on the candle itself

As you write or say, what your purpose is for the spell; like a change of residence, a new job or a new lover, etc. Visualize it all coming true. Visualize your new house, lover, job and what it'll be like. Focus on how good it'll make you feel. Think positive about it. By doing this you're helping the spell to manifest.

If you choose to write your purpose or desire down on virgin paper, use any pencil, not a pen. One can use calligraph as long as the ink is natural. No chemical. do the same step as above as you carefully fold up the paper in half then fold it in half again. Once the flame is lite on the candle. Take the paper, place it above the flame and let it burn until the flame on the paper stops on it's own. Put any remaining paper in the spell water and leave until the spell is completed. Dispose the paper with the candle. Be careful not to burn your fingers. You can use metal pliers, to hold the paper, so you don't get burned. When one burns the paper, the desire or purpose is released through the flame into the cosmic plane to do it's purpose.

If you chose to inscribe your desires or purpose on the candle, do the same steps as above, but use a wooden stick with a sharp point, like a sharped chop stick. These work great! NEVER use a knife or pen. The knife can hurt you. The pen is unnatural and man-made.

Additional information, to bring things toward you, write from the top to the middle, then from the bottom to the middle. If you are repelling something, reverse the procedure. No worries if there are spaces in between the words, if it's not lined up or perfect. This will not affect the spell.

When you are ready to cast your spell continue to Step 4.

STEP 4 - Light the Candle:

When you have completed the above steps, light the candle with a MATCH...not with regular lighters or grill lighters. The reason matches are best used for lighting, cause it's made of natural earth substance. Although the match is man-made, the material to make it isn't. Once the candle is lite, the spell starts doing what it's suppose to do. Allow the candle to completely burn away undisturbed. No need to stay with the candle, however, if using real flowers, make sure the water is a inch or so above the flower. Never be tempted to re-use a candle. It should only be used once for the spell intended and then allowed to burn away and be disposed of afterwards. Never leave the house with a candle burning but I'm sure we all know this.

Never 'blow' out your candle 'spell'! Use a candle snuffer. Although it's best to let the candle burn out on it's own, however, if you need to extinguish the flame use a snuffer. It's best though to do the spell when it can be done that day/time without interruption. By snuffing out the candle early, the spell won't manifest. If the candle spell flame goes out, on it's own, during the spells BEFORE it's finished. STOP the spell and dispose of all the candles, flowers, fruits and water immediately(water down drain not outside). Wrap candles, fruits and so on in aluminum foil, put in paper bag and throw in the trash.

This is the cosmic universe way of saying the time isn't right for a spell and/or maybe too many casting during the week or so on. The cosmic universe has it's reasons and one may never know why.

Although Cosmic Magic is easy and fun to do; word of caution, cosmic magic as with any other candle spell, should be done on you alone and not on others. If done on others, without their consent, it can make the spell negative and cause bad luck towards you. Avoid doing bad spells on people that can cause harm or grief. This could cause serious repercussions for you, such as bad luck and/or bad Karma. This negative energy can manifest 10 folds towards you so it's best not to do any bad spells on others. Note: Valeen won't help anyone who misleads or does a bad/negative spell on another and it reverses back on them. See "WARNING! PLEASE READ" for more detail on this.

Remember the energy you are feeling, at the time you light that candle, is released through the flame, then released into the plane where the cosmic universe takes over. The more positive your energy is, when the candle is lite, the more the spell will manifest and works. The more balanced and simple the spell, the better. Simple tips, practice and planning will help make anyone an expert Cosmic Magician. : ) 

Additional Info

No need to charge the candles. Avoid using incense with these spells. It's not needed. You can use stones, like natural rocks from the store, creek or beaches, or gems like topaz (real-not man-made), rose quartz and so on. As long as they coordinate with the spell being used. You can learn how to implement them into your spell by taking the In-Depth CM class. NOTE: Avoid using these items, unless you know how or have taken the In-Depth class. If you use stones or gemstones no need to dispose of them. They can be recharged and re-used.

You can use sand but the sand can't be store bought unless it states it's real beach sand. Has to be actual beach sand. No exceptions. No colored sand, cause it's dyed and unnatural and you're spell will not work if one uses colored sand. If one can't find or have access to real sand it's best not to use it. Real beach sand can be recharged and re-used.

For more info on how to cast or learning cosmic magic in general see CM classes. The basic class is free.

It is also EXTREMELY important that cosmic magic spells be performed during the correct lunar phase, date and day of the week or the spell won't manifest, no matter how balanced it is.

See Moon Forecast for current moon phase, V/C dates and cosmic weather. No spells should be performed on the 'void of course or V/C' days of the Moon.

Also check out the Monthly Spell Forecast to see best spell dates.

See Casting for more spell details.

See Candle Colors for more information.

These spells can be done during the day. To learn how, order the In-Depth CM class. No spells should be casted during the day without knowing how. Bad repercussions can happen, depending on spell casted. So it's strongly advised to take the In-Depth class if one want to learn. It's up to you. : )

WARNING! PLEASE READ- Misuse of CM Spells:

These spells should not be compared with wiccan, occult or any other candle magic spells.

These candle spells are more balanced and pure and SHOULD NEVER BE USED WITH WICCAN OR OCCULT SPELLS. THEY CAN BRING IMBALANCE AND TANT YOUR SPELLS. The spell can bring 20 folds and will reverse back on the one performing the spell.

Valeen will not assist anyone who misuses or mixes CM spells with any occult or wicca/n spells that reverse back on them. Or any other spells that reverses back on them. Valeen and MT also will not assist anyone who misleads or does a bad/negative spell with CM spells on another and it reverses back on them. Valeen will know if one mixes the spells. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Why, can't she help? Cause Cosmic Magic is suppose to be used for the good of many and oneself, and not to harm or cause grief. Therefore, when one puts together a CM or CM mixed with other spells, such as occult and so on it's being used in a negative manner, with the intent to hurt or harm. So Valeen can't help anyone who's intent is to harm or cause grief to another person. It's unethical, and so is harming or causing grief to others.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Valeen created Cosmic Magic and no other person on the internet, or the planet for that matter, can break your spell but Valeen. No other person, psychic, wiccan or expert spell caster can break your spell but Valeen. If you get them to try, it'll make matters worse for you. Here, and only here, is where Valeen give her advice to save you money and avoid more heartache.

If one mixes CM spell with wiccan or occult, or with any other spells, you'll have to wait until the spell wears off. When that will be is unknown, only the comic universe knows that. SO USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Cosmic Magic spells are beautiful, they work if done right, they are balanced and pure with the intent to help people spiritually, find love, jobs and so on. So it's best to use it for the good of many and yourself.

See Code of Ethics #1, #7, #14, #11 and Rules and Regulations Section 2: 1-4 (links are below)

<----- Floating tea light - BEST CHOICE
for all CM spells.
OK to use.------->
<----- OK to use.

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I have so much fun planning my spells. The casting,
moon forecast, monthly forecasts and color page
REALLY help me plan my spells on the right day and
time. So far almost all have manifested. I'm waiting
on two more. Overall they work great. I'm happy to
have found CM. Awesome idea Valeen.
-- Theresa, NY, NY USA

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