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want a spell done for healing, luck,
to break a spell put on you or more?
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for you.
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Question: How long does it take for a CM spell to work?

Answer: The choices you make and the actions you take help to contribute to the success (or
lack of success) of your spell goal. The results can take anywhere from a few days to several
months depending on your particular circumstances and how bad it is. There are many factors
that can affect the timing and outcome of s CM spell. Good new though, by planning the spell
some of the factors can be avoided.

Be sure to make choices and take actions that are consistent with your spell goal, in other
words; if you order a spell to open communication with someone, don't call and text 20 times a
day pressuring him/her to forgive you, and then expect good results from the spell! A spell will
not make up for poor choices and actions.

Question: How long will the effects of the CM spell last?

Answer: Most wiccan or other spells are considered permanent. However, with CM spells the
spell ends when the desires spell goal is achieved. Example: You went out on a date, you like
the guy to call you. Once the guy makes contact it means the CM spell manifested and the spell
ends. The spell has already done what it's suppose to do. It's up to both parties to keep things
going. The spell can't help with keeping things going but another can if things slow down.

Question: Do I need to renew my spell, and if so, how often?

Answer: As stated, CM spells end when the desire spell goal is achieved. However, the answer
really depends on your particular circumstances, how complex the situation is, and how long it
has been going on. The one thing that may need renewing here and there is the Aura
Cleansing, it tend to dissipate over time due to life's changing circumstances.

As you deal with each day and the people in it, the aura tends to become cloudy and muddy,
especially if there are several negative people that you have to deal with. As you come across
negative people and have to deal with negative circumstances, some of that negative energy is
going to rub off onto you and stick to your aura.

So Aura's need to be renewed every three months. Most other CM spells don't require
renewing. If you're unsure your situation needs renewing or not contact Valeen to find out.

Question: Don’t you need each person name and birth date, photos, etc? Don't you
need a describe of my situation?

Answer: NO! The only information Valeen need is your first and last name to ensure the spells
energies are directed correctly.

One of the things that makes these spells so effective, is Valeen fully trust the cosmic universe
to know exactly who you are, where you are, what your situation is, who else is involved, and
exactly what is needed in order to get the most constructive results from the CM spell.

To keep the spells positive so they can manifest is to avoid sending negative info about the
situation. Your payment will be refunded and your spell(s) will not be cast. If you send negative
details of your situation after your spell(s) have already been cast, your payment will be
refunded and your spell(s) will be reversed.

Valeen focus on the positive on the spell and need no negativity to interfere with it manifesting,

She fully trust the cosmic universe to know exactly what to do and when.

Question: Who will know I had you cast a spell for me?

Answer: You and Valeen, and PayPal, that's it! Unless you decide to share that information
with other. MT nor Valeen will share information with anyone else. For more information read
Privacy Policy.

Question: What if I change my mind, can my spell be reversed?

Answer: Yes. Sometimes things change. People think they want a certain thing, then once they
get it, they discover it wasn't what they REALLY wanted after all. Valeen wants you to be happy
with your results. She will gladly reverse any spell for free, except for powerful spells and spells
people put on others or on themselves that turned bad. Especially if wiccan, or witchcraft and
CM was used to make the spell. Keep in mind, truthfulness is KEY in reversing theses spell.
Example: If you used witchcraft and say you didn't, to get the free reversal, the spell won't be
reversed. It'll be a nightmare. Double the fee to fix. There are
fees for certain reversals.

Question: What can I expect?

Answer: The answer depends on the type of spell being cast, and the individual circumstances
of the person it is being cast for. Example: with a protection spell and curse reversal spells,
many clients report a feeling of peace and being at ease, like a huge weight was lifted off their
shoulders. While powerful spells bring a overall sense of peace, and satisfaction. Some report
a feeling like no other. Each person is different and the spell effects them differently. What you
can expect is a spell that is safe and bring about the results you want.

Question: Are CM spells safe? Will I incur any negative karma if I have you cast a
spell for me?

Answer: All of the spells casted by Valeen are completely safe and will not incur any negative
karma for anyone. She is mindful of the laws of karma. She would never do anything to cause
negative karma for herself or her clients. Valeen's CM spell casting will not violate anyone's
free will, or cause anyone harm.

Question: Shouldn't each spell be cast during a certain moon phase?

Answer: Yes and No depends on the circumstances and the Moon's void-of-course dates
PLUS the time in between each cycle. Powerful spells Valeen use the Moon and Sun. Some
reversals she uses the Sun while other times she use the Moon. Depends on date and other
factors that decide when the spell starts. As mentioned each spell is different and depends on
the circumstance.

Question: Why haven't I received a confirmation email letting me know when my spell
(s) will be cast?

Answer: A confirmation email is sent to everyone who places an order. If you have not
received a confirmation email there is a good chance that your email client is blocking it. Please
check your spam folder and be sure to mark the email address from Valeen as safe to ensure
you receive your confirmation email. To ensure delivery of email
click here.

Question: One spell caster charges me $150 and another one wanted to charge me
$400, why are your spells so inexpensive?

Answer: Charging more money does not mean better spells or better results! Valeen is here to
help people, not to take advantage of them.

Question: How effective are your spells?

Answer: Most of her business comes from repeat clients who were happy with their results,
word of mouth, and referrals, so she will let you be the judge of that.

Question: Is there anything I can do to ensure even better results?

Answer: Yes! Your thoughts, feelings and expectations have a large effect on your results. In
order to help you align your thoughts, feelings and expectations along with your desired
outcome, Valeen offer FREE positive spells recipe to help you achieve the best results.  

Question: Do you have any spells for the Lottery or gambling?

Answer: No, Valeen does not offer any gambling spells. When you win money gambling, every
dollar you win is a dollar that someone else losses. More than likely the loser knows the
consequences of his/her action. Taking risk with their money.

That being said, Valeen doesn't take risk nor take on others negative karma. In order to protect
her clients from this very negative karma, She does not offer gambling spells of any kind nor
does she do spells to help people win the lottery. This is "cheating" plus unethical and cheaters
never prosper.

Question: Why don't you do CM spells to rekindle with my ex?

Answer: When dealing with this type of situation there is always a chance the person changes
his/her mind when the spell manifest. The person wasn't what they thought. There is also other
factors to consider, if there was mental abuse in the relationship, or physical abuse. For these
reason Valeen will not do these spells to avoid negative karma on herself and to protect her
clients from that bad karma. In this case the spell is considered harmful and unsafe to the
client. Valeen only does safe spells. Even if the situation is not bad Valeen will not do the spell.

Question: If you don't want people sending you a bunch of information regarding
their situation, then what is the "Note" section for?

Answer: If there is a Note section on the Paypal it's because MT has no control over removing
it. There is no need to use the Note section unless you have important info to share that is not
negative but vital to the spell.

Question: Why can't I do three or more request in one CM spell?

Answer: When asking for many different things from one spell, what happens is the cosmic
universe gets an overload. To much going out at once in ONE spell causes the spell to sit in
"limbo" so to speak and therefore will not manifest.
FOR BEST RESULTS it's best to focus on
one thing. This way the CM spell can manifest.
Spell Casting and Spell Questions
Spell Casting and Spell Questions
Love Spell

This is to bring love and super
charge the spell (cranberries) and
white candle attract feminine energy
and release it in the air.
HINT: The chakra candles are used for
cleansing our bodies and providing a
holistic effect.

One can also add this one to your spa
spell recipes or to target a specific
TIPS: If one can make their own
floaters the spell will work faster and
provide more positive energies.
If  you did a CMS and things are negative,
having bad luck, feeling sick or the spell
click here
IMPORTANT: These spells should NEVER be
used in any wiccan or occult spells...
Please read
WARNING!  before contacting
Valeen on the above
Frequently asked questions on CM spells, castings and casting removal

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