Cosmic Magic

For those
situation is
much more

19.98 USD
CM Spell Casting by Valeen
CM Spell Casting by Valeen

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For those
who cast a bad
spell on others
using witchcraft
and CM
45.00 USD

Cosmic Magic

For those
who cast a bad
CM spell on  

25.95 USD
Cosmic Magic
Custom Spell

For those
who want a custom
spell on a particular
topic. Must add a
spell to the left.
(ex. custom 9.95
and powerful +
19.98 )

9.95 USD

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Cosmic Magic
Strong Spell

For those whose  
are not

14.98 USD
About CM Spells, Spell Casting, and Spell Information

Before you order or if you have any question about cm spells, casting or other information click here.

For your karmic protection, Valeen does not do spells on anyone else but the person doing the spell.

Many Castor's do your spells the same day or within 24 hours. CM spells take planning and CAN
NOT be done on the same day or within 24 hours. CM spells are based on many factors. The spells has to
by-pass, so to speak, all the universal negativity in order to manifest. To know more about CM spells and how
they work
click here.

Valeen offers
Classes to those who want to learn how to do these properly.
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