I absolutely love doing these CM spells. So
brilliantly thought through. I took all the courses
so to utilize them to create good, working
spells. I highly recommended  this to all my
friend  & all who read this. They work!
-- Reedy, London, England

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feedback on this page.
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CM Classes...

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Hello visitors and welcome to CM Classes page. On this page,
you'll learn more about each class and what it offers.
Unsure how to do the spell(s) but
want a spell done for healing,
luck, to break a spell put on you or
Let Valeen help by doing the spell
for you.
Click Here to order.
I have so much fun planning my spells. The
casting, moon forecast, monthly forecasts and
color page REALLY help me plan my spells
on the right day and time. So far almost all
have manifested. I'm waiting on two more.
Overall they work great. I'm happy to have
found CM. Awesome idea Valeen.
-- Theresa, NY, NY USA

Thank you Theresa for allowing MT to put your
feedback on this page.
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