Blue moon Spell in March! A rare chance to strengthen your spell. DON'T MISS IT!
See below
Mar 03, 2018        8:20 am        Moon Enters --->         Libra
Mar 05, 2018        6:18 am        Moon Begins VoC        Libra
Mar 05, 2018        1:23 pm        Moon Enters --->         Scorpio
Mar 07, 2018        8:55 am        Moon Begins VoC        Scorpio
Mar 07, 2018        10:03 pm        Moon Enters --->         Sagittarius
Mar 10, 2018        2:27 am        Moon Begins VoC        Sagittarius
Mar 10, 2018        9:52 am        Moon Enters --->         Capricorn
Mar 12, 2018        3:36 pm        Moon Begins VoC        Capricorn
Mar 12, 2018        10:44 pm        Moon Enters --->         Aquarius
Mar 15, 2018        7:32 am        Moon Begins VoC        Aquarius
Mar 15, 2018        10:12 am        Moon Enters --->         Pisces
Mar 17, 2018        1:11 pm        Moon Begins VoC        Pisces
Mar 17, 2018        6:57 pm        Moon Enters --->         Aries
Mar 19, 2018        7:29 pm        Moon Begins VoC        Aries
Mar 20, 2018        1:06 am        Moon Enters --->         Taurus
Mar 21, 2018        5:20 pm        Moon Begins VoC        Taurus
Mar 22, 2018        5:30 am        Moon Enters --->         Gemini
Mar 24, 2018        3:52 am        Moon Begins VoC        Gemini
Mar 24, 2018        8:52 am        Moon Enters --->         Cancer
Mar 26, 2018        6:58 am        Moon Begins VoC        Cancer
Mar 26, 2018        11:44 am        Moon Enters --->         Leo
Mar 28, 2018        9:54 am        Moon Begins VoC        Leo
Mar 28, 2018        2:30 pm        Moon Enters --->         Virgo
Mar 30, 2018        4:58 am        Moon Begins VoC        Virgo
Mar 30, 2018        5:52 pm        Moon Enters --->         Libra
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Please note that UTC (Universal Time Coordinated) and GMT are the same thing and is
the local time at the Prime Meridian that passes through Greenwich, England. That's
where time starts for all of us.
I wanted to share this, to make you aware of what you are reading and what time you
begin applying the information to your Life.

FYI: Z Time (Zulu Time), GMT, UTC are the same thing.

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Feb 17, 2018        10:13 pm         Moon Begins VoC        Pisces
Feb 18, 2018        12:04 pm         Moon Enters --->          Aries
Feb 20, 2018        11:11 am         Moon Begins VoC         Aries
Feb 20, 2018          7:11 pm         Moon Enters --->         Taurus
Feb 22, 2018        11:46 am         Moon Begins VoC        Taurus
Feb 23, 2018        12:07 am         Moon Enters --->         Gemini
Feb 24, 2018          7:58 pm         Moon Begins VoC        Gemini
Feb 25, 2018          3:06 am         Moon Enters --->         Cancer
Feb 26, 2018          9:51 pm         Moon Begins VoC        Cancer
Feb 27, 2018          4:41 am         Moon Enters --->            Leo
Feb 28, 2018        11:13 pm         Moon Begins VoC          Leo
Mar 01, 2018          5:57 am         Moon Enters --->           Virgo
Mar 02, 2018        11:50 pm         Moon Begins VoC          Virgo
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Hello, Cosmic Magicians,

This month, depending on what spells
you're planning, be careful with VoC

These dates listed to the right usually
indicates Cosmic energies will be positive
to do spells. If you do one on a VoC day
the spell can reverse on you.

If you do one by accident
Contact Valeen
to help you fix it.
Current Moon Phase
Moon Chakra
New Moon          03/17      at       9:14 am
Last Quarter      03/09      at       6:22 am
Full Moon           03/01     at        7:72 pm
First Quarter      03/24      at     11:35 am
Full Moon           03/31      at       8:37 am
                all times are EST

Date                        Time            Void Begins & Enters       Zodiac Sign
Great News Cosmic Magicians!

Two full moons this month, or blue moon, a
lthough the
VOC is on March 1st, the first full moon, which a spell cannot
be done on that day, it's energy will still be lingering this month
for the full moon on the 31st.  

Both full moons offer positive (31st) and negative (1st) energy.
Meaning a balance spell with a double whammy! Means
double the strength. Plus, the 31st full moon is in the AM. No
late night spells. Take advantage of this
rare occasion for
Make sure it counts!
The next blue moon, or 2 full moons will be Oct. 2020
Spells are done as usual, nothing special needs to be done
Moon Forecast  for Feb/March 2018
Moon Forecast  for Feb/March 2018
March 1st Full Moon in Virgo

March’s Full Moon illuminates the sky at 7:52 PM EST. This means, attention
towards details is on the increase on this day. Avoid fault-finding. Pay more
attention to cleanliness and neatness. This is a good day to undertake routine
and painstaking work. Your body may be more intolerant of low-grade food and
harmful substances. This is also a good day to begin a diet.

March 31st Full Moon in Libra

March’s 2nd Full Moon illuminates the sky at 8:37 AM EST  This means,
increased sociability, interest in new acquaintances, a desire for mutual
understanding will be a passion on this day. Partnerships are in focus. Business
meetings and social gathering could happen this day. However, keep in mind,
the ability to make decisions suffers because people are more prone to doubts
and hesitation now.
Cosmic Weather For the Full Moon
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Today's Planets Location
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